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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, people can change the world.

This Systemic Leadership & Change Network is the online hub for leaders, change makers, systems thinkers & systems practitioners who want to co-create a paradigm shift towards a more collective focused, systems thinking based leadership, and realize systemic change in our teams, organizations and in the world.

Watch the invitation video by Systemic Leadership & Change Network host Jennifer Campbell

VideoThe Systemic Leadership & Change Network is a movement in the making! It is meant for leaders & professionals who want to actively grow and leverage their knowledge and experience in systems thinking, systems change, systemic leadership and systemic approaches so they can improve effectiveness and wellbeing in organizations & communities, and solve complex problems together. 

Our network is open to leaders, systems thinkers, systems practitioners, (leadership and team) coaches and consultants, systems innovators, world workers, who support the vision above, who work with the systems thinking based world view and who want to connect to co-create stronger healthier teams and organizations.


Imagine what you can achieve with the support of leaders & professionals like you

  • As a member you will create a profile to introduce yourself and easily find other leaders and professionals within the network so you can build one-on-one relationships with each other.
  • As a member you will have a space where you can interact with others and build your systemic leadership capacities in an ongoing practice. You will find resources, events and interest groups to support your journey.
  • As a member you will be part of as well as co-create a movement to bring more systemic leadership in the world to help create systemic change & innovation in your organization and in the world.

Learn from experts who understand & share your experience

  • As a member you will have All Access Pass status for the next Systemic Leadership Summit as soon as it launches - the upcoming one is Sunday January 16, 2022. That's right: you will be able to participate in this ground breaking online summit at no cost as soon as it launches.
  • We'll bring you highly valuable sessions with top experts, thought leaders, leaders in the trenches and wise individuals. You will be able to access the summit and discuss the summit sessions here in the platform. New to the Systemic Leadership Summit? Look here for more info: https://systemicleadershipsummit.com
  • This platform allows you to find discussions, topics, people, approaches, groups, practices and themes that are of interest to you in an organized and bitesized way, without scrolling through pages and pages of posts (like on LinkedIn or Facebook)

Our intimate collective allows us to focus on you and the systems you serve 

  • Access to events that support your systemic practice, such as regular Q&A's, Masterclasses and Summits.
  • Ability to find who works near you (in 1 click) and connect with a group of like minded people in our own country, right there in the platform.
  • Exchange with others who are into the same systemic approaches, topics or projects as you are or connect with people in different corners of the systemic field.

High value quality content brought to you: well organized, convenient and affordable

  • The Systemic Leadership & Change Network is where you can build your systemic leadership capacities at a very affordable price, while receiving high quality content.
  • Now you can join our network at the Founding Member rate, which is the lowest it will ever be. As long as you stay a member, this rate will remain the same for you. There are monthly and annual payment options for you to choose from and you can cancel at any time. See below for rates or click the "Subscribe" button at the top middle of this page.
  • Access to our expert video series available so you can comment and interact on it there.
  • The latest news and information about live events covering topics related to the ones in this platform
  • An app on your phone that you can use to stay in touch, attend events or listen to value sessions on the go.
  • A platform where you can change the settings for your convenience so it works for you (unlike other media where messages clog your email inbox).

Are you ready to join the movement?

The Systemic Leadership & Change Network was created to support an ever growing movement! 

We aim to create a paradigm shift in the way we define, shape and experience leadership. We'd like to move towards leadership that is human-centered, systems thinking based, collective, sustainable and purpose driven. We believe that once we do, we can co-create systemic change in our teams, organizations, communities, societies and on our planet. 

Through this platform we connect, learn, engage and co-create with each other to apply approaches and work in projects that help us solve problems that matter. For this we want to create a movement that starts small and grow to a very active network. We want to gain momentum, have a real impact and realize the changes we want to see in the world. 

Membership comes with   exclusive benefits:

  • Discounts and early access to our extremely popular events - including private access to Summit pre-sale tickets!
  • Opportunity to be selected for a Member Highlight on our social channels.
  • Special member-only access to discounts and extended trials of essential tools for systems practitioners & leaders as they become available.
  • As a member you will shape the future of Systemic Leadership & Change Network - we value and act on your feedback!

Let’s get started! 

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What clients say about our events

"This was like taking a refreshing and nurturing mineral spring bath with open-minded, experienced and societal engaged people at the cutting edge of Systemic Leadership. Jennifer co-created positive spaces for dialogue with inspiring questions and helpful summarizing. The offer on how to join the session is role modeling how to balance generosity and entrepreneurship. Thank you all!"

Andre Burki  - Leadership & Team Coach / Organizational Developer Australia

"I was impressed by the profound knowledge and practical tools the international experts shared at this professionally hosted event. I highly recommend the Systemic Leadership Summit to anyone involved in facilitating systemic change."

An Rubens - Business Owner & Systemic Change Agent

"Take your time out of time to enjoy and learn from Jennifer's art of hosting, which leads to blooming and flourishing conversations about systemic leadership; within your own system and within other systems. You will discover and re-discover lots of different angles, lenses, senses, languages, layers and spaces to be in as an (ob)server and part of different systems and scenarios. And once you've (re-)discovered them, you'll get dizzy of all the seemingly paradoxes and at the same time you "know-feel" it all clicks together. And from then... you can't hide any longer and you, newborn sense maker, will begin to be in the in-between liminal space to dance your dance of interdependence humanity." 

Marielle Binder

This platform was founded by 

Jennifer Campbell

Jennifer's mission is to help leaders, teams and organizations change and transform towards growth, success and happiness in life, and to do business in an increasingly complex international context.

Systemic Leadership Summit Host, Senior Change & Transformation Manager, Leadership & Organization Development Professional and Executive & Relationship Systems Coach with over 25 years of worldwide professional experience in fortune global 500 companies.

Jennifer organized the world's biggest online systemic event, the Systemic Leadership Summit, to inspire and call forth leaders like you, and to help them tap into the collective leadership and co-create sustainable social change in their businesses, their lives and on this planet.

Jennifer founded this network from the need found in her professional network of systemic leaders and practitioners: to be connected with others who see and use the potential of the systems thinking lens to their work and their world, to share knowledge and experience, to find valuable resources, to learn from experts and thought leaders, to learn with peers in a Mastermind type of setting, to share ideas and to even work together on projects. 

Big Thank You!

As a Creator and Host of this platform I would like to extend a huge thank you to all (current and new) members of this platform. Thank you for joining the movement, for using this platform to grow and for your energy, input and efforts!